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Greg has been working in technology for over 36 years. With a degree's from USC in Chemistry and Computer Science and with a long background in Computer Technology. Greg has a very thorough understanding of all the technologies that Marchand Technologies provides. He is certified on the latest technologies with Apple and is a leading Apple Master Certified Technician. He is a licensed California State Contractor and has a special knack for looking at technology and identifying any issues or needs in order to integrate technology into personal and business environments.

Greg also has extensive knowledge of the Anodizing process as he created and built a successful company in Silicon Valley still running today as the oldest anodizing company in the Bay Area. With his leadership, Du-All has produced the highest quality anodized materials in the industry with anodized materials on the Moon, Mars and in the Hubble Telescope as well as many Military deployments, Apple computers and a grand list of technologies as well as Nikon cameras.

Greg's passions are Christianity, Personal Growth, Family & Friends, Australian Shepherds, Apple Computers, Photography, Nikon Cameras and many other Technologies, Wine Collecting, Gardening and Riding his Custom Harley Trike (Betsy) He is passionately using his spare time and energies to engage these endeavors daily. He is a dedicated loving husband to his beautiful wife Martel Marchand who also shares these same endeavors and interest.

Greg, believes that photography is the way to capture a moment of the soul, as we travel through our experiences in life. Please enjoy the moments he has captured from his life and perspectives. Feel free to comment or share any thoughts you may have. Greg is available hire with his photographic skill sets. Please drop him a line if you are interested

Thank you for taking an interest in my photography... Greg Marchand

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